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Shooters Supplies UK offers a wide range of products relating to all aspects of rifle and shotgun hunting.

Shooters Supplies UK (SSUK) is a sister-site to Deer Stalking UK (DSUK) online magazine.

We have a team of industry professionals and hobby shooters testing and reviewing products for us. We sell the kit they choose to use, including products to suit most budgets at competitive prices.

We aim to feature a review and usage guide for most of the items we sell here, within our DSUK magazine, to help ensure that products are being used in the most effective way.

Our products are field tested and reviewed by our team of professional shooters.

We know shooters have strong ideas about the kit they prefer and not all products will suit everyone’s taste or needs. But we have been listening to people’s comments through our social media groups and have tried to reflect some of this range in the products we have tested and offer for sale.

We hope you like our site. It is not officially launched yet, but a few products are listed and available to be purchased. And there are plenty more to come. Please have a look through and let us know your thoughts – and if anything is not working correctly. Also, if you have any suggestions of products you would like us to stock, just let us know via the contact page.

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“Ordered a set of Viperflex Quad Sticks and they arrived next day. great service and a great product.”

Chris T

“Very happy with the great advice i was given. I have just ordered my first custom knife and cannot wait for it to arrive so I can get out and use it.”

Peter S

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